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Singing Bowl Sound Healing

Sound Massage

"The sound of a singing bowl touches our innermost being. It makes our souls vibrate. It releases tension, activates self-healing abilities, and sets creative energy free."

-Peter Hess

What is Sound Massage?

A sound massage uses singing bowls and their vibrations to give the massage. Peter Hess Therapy Singing Bowls are placed on the body in a specific pattern tailored to the needs of the client and are gently tapped. Since the body is made of mostly water, a conduit of vibration, the healing patterns created by the bowls spread through the entire body, eliciting feelings of relaxation and ease while relieving tension. In addition, the sound of the bowls are calming.


During a sound massage, brain waves decrease to the Alpha or Theta Rhythms (similar to when meditating). When the body and mind are in this state, healing occurs. This is a holistic method facilitating deep relaxation, feelings of harmony, improved body awareness, and a sense of "letting go."

If new to sound massage, a Basic Sound Massage will be given using 3 specific bowls - the belly, universal, and heart bowl. The names of these bowls are based on the frequency of the area in which they are placed. This is based on the theory of resonance: that vibrations interact with each other into harmony. It is always the client who decides how they will enter into resonance, the bowls simply lead the way. As a client is more experienced with sound therapy, additional bowls, gongs, and chimes may be added to the session.


The Peter Hess Method of Sound Massage is different from other sound sessions. The bowls themselves are made with the same percentages of metal materials, are formed by hand, and are individually tested for quality and purity of vibration. Secondly, the manner of application is simple and repeatable. You will feel confidant as a client that each Certified Practitioner follows the same format with the thought of "less is more" leading the session. Each session ends with time to integrate the massage by relaxing on the table, similar to the final relaxation pose at the end of a typical yoga experience.


60 minute Sound Massage:

45 minutes of sound massage with 15 minutes of relaxation

90 minute Sound Massage with traditional massage:

40 minutes of massage with 40 minutes of sound massage and 10 minutes of relaxation


2 hour Sound Massage with traditional massage:

1 hour massage with 45 minutes of sound massage and 15 minutes of relaxation

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