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Miriam Mitchell


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I believe that we all can find a place of balance...that place where we are at peace. For me, it's during a walk in the woods, engrossed in a good book, exercising, and enjoying my family.
I strive to bring this stillness to you in your individual massage session. Whether you are seeking pain relief or reprieve, my goal is to achieve what YOU seek. I especially love working with specific ailments that need a detailed massage session to reduce pain through trigger point therapy. Recently, I have also found a profound connection to CranioSacral Therapy through which my clients have achieved relief from vertigo, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and chronic migraines.
In addition to massage work, I also taught massage for almost seven years including: massage basics, kinesiology, business, ethics, and therapeutic work to beginning students as well as Continuing Education to Licensed Massage Therapists. I am a life-long learner with a passion of gaining knowledge and passing it on to others.